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The World is yours book multicolor

The World is yours book multicolor

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Riocam's work effortlessly combines the art of automotive design and the female body in a way which celebrates both and empowers  women like me to pursue their passions.

For decades, women have been viewed simply as passengers in the car world - literally and metaphorically. We have been steered away from garages, board rooms and driver’s seats and into other fields. For the good of the industry and the many women so passionate about these machines, that is slowly changing. Women are capturing the imagination of the industry and competing for roles using both the wrench and the pen as tool of choice.

In Cam's work, women aren’t framed as accessories, but as equals. We are put on a pedestal alongside the greatest artwork in the world. It may seem like a simple gesture, but it speaks volumes about his character and his respect for both. He is able to find the sweet spot, balancing femininity, fashion, cars and eroticism in a way that the lines  between them begin to blur. He gives the women the power of the cars and the cars the elegance of the women.

My voyage through the realm of rare supercars, culminating in this moment, echoes Tony Montana's grand realization in "Scarface”: The World Is Yours. It embodies the essence of photography—a tool to seize the world, suspend it in a frame, and imprint it with your soul.500 pages plus all new images of the best and rarest cars with the best women's luxury fashion clothes. 


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